NFL scores: San Francisco 49ers hold on to defeat the Los Angeles Chargers

NFL scores: San Francisco 49ers hold on to defeat the Los Angeles Chargers

The NFL is the most popular sport in America and it is a weekly happening every Sunday for many around the country. As fans tune into their local squads or favorite teams elsewhere, it is hard to keep track of the NFL scores from other ongoing games. Now you can with our handy scores ticker for every single matchup each week.

Plus, we answer your biggest questions about the all-time scoring games.

NFL scores

What is the highest score in NFL history?

Fans today would assume the current version of the league, which is so heavily geared towards offense, would be the era in which the highest-scoring game in NFL history occurred. But those football aficionados would be wrong. The highest score in NFL history came nearly 56 years ago in a wild offensive explosion when the then-Washington Redskins and Hall-of-Fame quarterback Sonny Jurgenson beat up the New York Giants 72-41. The matchup set the all-time single-game NFL scoring bar at 113 points.

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What is the highest-scoring NFL playoff game?

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While Washington’s football team was on the winning side in the highest-scoring regular season game of all time, they were on the wrong side of the highest-scoring NFL playoff game ever. And the funny thing is, they actually didn’t even score any points on that forgettable day. Almost 72 years ago, the legendary Chicago Bears absolutely demolished the then-Redskins in the 1940 NFL championship by an absurd score of 73-0.

The game featured only one throwing touchdown, but seven TDs on the ground and three from kick returns.

What was the highest-scoring NFL game of 2022?

The most recent NFL season didn’t set any all-time NFL scores records, however, there still was still one game that saw one of the biggest offensive outbursts of the last five years. In 2022, the Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions put up 80 points in a wild 51-29 game won by Seattle where playing high-level defense was not a priority on that day.

What are the most points scored in the first half of an NFL game, by one team?

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Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The record for the most points scored in the first half by one team goes to the Baltimore Ravens and the former Chicago Cardinals. In 2019, superstar QB Lamar Jackson showed why he would go on to win the league MVP when he helped lead the Ravens to a 42-10 first-half lead over the hapless Miami Dolphins.

However, the Cardinals matched that number all the way back in October of 1948 when they dropped 42 on the New York Giants after just two quarters. They would eventually go on to win the game 63-35.

What is the lowest-scoring NFL game in history?

When it comes to offensive ineptitude in NFL scores, the early 1970s into the 80s were a peak period. Three games from that era tied the record for lowest NFL scores in history with a 0-3 tally. The first came in 1977 when the Buffalo Bills were the only team to put points on the board against the Atlanta Falcons. Two years later the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers matched the mark. Then in 1982, the Miami Dolphins put up a big fat zero in a losing effort to the slightly better New England Patriots.

How to score 1 point in the NFL?

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Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

NFL fans are familiar with the ways to score six (touchdown), three (field goal), and even two points (safety) in a game. However, there is actually a way to score one point that doesn’t come by way of the extra-point kick after a TD. Under Section 11-3-2-C of the NFL scoring rules, there is a route to score a one-point safety. However, the event is nearly impossible, fairly convoluted, and too much to type. so you can give it all a read HERE.

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2021 NFL Wild Card Playoffs

Saturday, January 15

Game Time (ET) TV
Bengals 26, Raiders 19 4:30 PM NBC, Peacock. Universo
Bills 47, Patriots 17 8:15 PM CBS, Paramount +

Sunday, January 16

Game Time (ET) TV
Buccaneers 31, Eagles 15 1:00 PM FOX, FOX Deportes
49ers 23, Cowboys 17 4:30 PM CBS, Paramount +, Nickelodeon, Amazon Prime
Chiefs 42, Steelers 21 8:15 PM NBC, Peacock, Telemundo

Monday, January 17

Game Time (ET) TV
Rams 34, Cardinals 11 8:15 PM ESPN/ABC, ESPN2, ESPN +, ESPN Deportes
NFL scores
Credit: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

2021 NFL Divisional Round scores

Saturday, January 22

Game Time (ET) TV
Bengals 19, Titans 16 4:30 PM CBS, Paramount +
49ers 13, Packers 10 8:15 PM FOX, FOX Deportes

Sunday, January 23

Game Time (ET) TV
Rams 30, Buccaneers 27 3:00 PM NBC, Peacock, Universo
Chiefs 42, Bills 36 (OT) 6:30 PM CBS, Paramount +

2021 Conference Championship Sunday

Sunday, January 30

Game Time (ET) TV
Bengals 27, Chiefs 24 3:05 PM CBS, Paramount+
(Watch on Paramount+)
Rams 20, 49ers 17 6:40 PM FOX
(Watch on SlingTV)

2021 NFL Pro Bowl score

Sunday, February 6

Game Time (ET) TV
AFC 41, NFC 35 3:00 PM ESPN

2021 Super Bowl score

Sunday, February 13

Game Time (ET) TV
Los Angeles Rams 23, Cincinnati Bengals 20
SoFi Stadium
6:30 PM NBC
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