Ollie’s Bargain Outlets set the record for world’s largest bobblehead

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Ollie’s is going big for its 40th birthday. They set the record for the world’s largest bobblehead.

A representative from the Guinness World Records was at the store on Allentown Boulverard near Harrisburg. An oversized replica of the company’s mascot Ollie was unveiled.

After a quick measurement, it was confirmed to be a record breaker; standing at 16 feet 6 inches tall. This breaks the old record by more than a foot.

So, why is the company celebrating it’s birthday with a massive bobblehead? COO of Ollies, Eric Vanervalk explained

“We offer big, big bargains, big brand names, and big bargain prices so why not the biggest bobblehead? We’re a quirky, fun company so we’re just leaning into how quirky and fun we are here,” COO of Ollies, Eric Vandervalk explained.

If you’re wondering what happens to Ollie now, he’ll be at the Allentown Boulevard store until the end of the year. Then, he is going on tour.