San Pablo: Public park fracas ends in chase, crash

SAN PABLO — A woman and her adult son were in county jail after their arrests on suspicion of several charges in connection with a confrontation at a public park that turned violent and led to a chase, a crash and a gun’s recovery this week.

According to a police statement Tuesday, officers responded to Rumrill Sports Park, 1509 Rumrill Blvd., shortly before 7:25 p.m. Monday for a report of a man with a gun.

As officers approached the park, they learned from police dispatchers that the man had been pepper-sprayed and was getting into a black Chevrolet Corvette to leave. On arrival, officers tried to stop the Chevrolet but followed it when it did not yield.

But only a few blocks away from the park, the Chevrolet crashed into a pickup truck and spun out before hitting a parking sign, and its driver got out and ran toward a nearby apartment building. But the driver surrendered after seeing a K-9 officer’s dog and was taken into custody.

San Pablo police shared this image Tuesday, August 30, 2022 of a firearm recovered after a confrontation at a public park that led to a short pursuit and a vehicle collision Monday. (Courtesy San Pablo Police Department)

Other officers who responded to the park learned an argument between a park security guard and a group of people over a parking space took a turn when “the security guard became upset and threatened to have her son come to the park and shoot the victims,” police said.

When the son arrived and allegedly brandished a firearm, a group member sprayed him. The guard and her son tried to chase the group member, who managed to evade them. The guard then took the son’s gun and placed it under the Chevrolet’s seat, where officers found it after the collision, police said.

Both the guard and her son were arrested on suspicion of criminal threats, disorderly conduct, felony evading and possession of a firearm, and taken to county jail, police said.

The guard, a 55-year-old Richmond resident, was not listed in jail custody Thursday evening, but the son, a 36-year-old San Pablo resident, was in custody Thursday evening at West County jail in Richmond. He was held on $610,000 bail and faces a Sept. 15 hearing at Martinez Superior Court, according to a county records check.

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Author: George Kelly