RESOLVED: Global: Increase in failure rate for SQLServer Instance Creation

Incident began at 2022-08-30 12:33 and ended at 2022-09-01 21:46 (all times are US/Pacific).

The issue with Google Cloud SQL has been resolved for all affected users as of Thursday, 2022-09-01 16:59 US/Pacific.

We thank you for your patience while we worked on resolving the issue.

Affected products: Google Cloud SQL

Affected locations: Taiwan (asia-east1), Hong Kong (asia-east2), Tokyo (asia-northeast1), Osaka (asia-northeast2), Seoul (asia-northeast3), Mumbai (asia-south1), Delhi (asia-south2), Singapore (asia-southeast1), Jakarta (asia-southeast2), Sydney (australia-southeast1), Melbourne (australia-southeast2), Warsaw (europe-central2), Finland (europe-north1), Madrid (europe-southwest1), Belgium (europe-west1), London (europe-west2), Frankfurt (europe-west3), Netherlands (europe-west4), Zurich (europe-west6), Milan (europe-west8), Paris (europe-west9), Montréal (northamerica-northeast1), Toronto (northamerica-northeast2), São Paulo (southamerica-east1), Santiago (southamerica-west1), Iowa (us-central1), South Carolina (us-east1), Northern Virginia (us-east4), Columbus (us-east5), Dallas (us-south1), Oregon (us-west1), Los Angeles (us-west2), Salt Lake City (us-west3), Las Vegas (us-west4)

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