Boy In Space Shares New Single “Lean On” – ‘BACKYARD’ EP Out 9/16

Buzzy breakout artist Boy In Space (aka Robin Lundbäck) has released his haunting new single “Lean On” that combines elements of Nordic pop, R&B and bedroom indie production – CLICK HERE to listen and HERE to watch the official visualizer. The single is the second release from the artist’s forthcoming sophomore studio EP BACKYARD – out September 16CLICK HERE to pre-save.

“‘Lean On’ really speaks to me in a mellow yet powerful way,” says Boy In Space. “It’s like I can’t get a grip of it like I’m observing a daydream. This song leaves so much room for interpretation, which I love.” And the low-fi “Lean On” video doesn’t seek to answer any of those questions. A Chevrolet Camaro drives as nightfall descends upon the city. But who is driving? Where is it heading? That’s for you to decide… The visual was produced and directed by previous Boy In Space collaborators ofbendz.

Following his debut EP, FRONTYARD, which focused on stories that Boy In Space felt comfortable sharing with the world, BACKYARD probes into alt-pop, rap, electronica, rock and more to go deeper into the mind of an artist who sometimes admits to wishing he could be normal. BACKYARD explores themes of paranoia, depression, and anxiety, and speaks to the things in life we often prefer to hide. The EP was announced earlier this summer with ‘A**hole’, a tale of some of the lowest times in the artist’s life, set atop a high-octane, pop-punk sound.

“While the frontyard is what you’re happy for people to see, the backyard is everything else. It’s what you try to keep hidden,” says Boy In Space on the forthcoming EP. “The backyard is where you can see the ugly stuff.”

Known for his bright, uplifting sound and tackling of topics that so many people can relate to, Boy In Space’s candid, disarming songwriting and his signature, serotonin-laced falsetto have elevated him to 2.4 million monthly Spotify listeners, over 300 million Spotify streams, and Radio 1 airplay – all with just a handful of singles released since his independent emergence. With fan favorite singles like “7UP,” “Cold,” and “On A Prayer,” Boy In Space creates music which can appeal to a diverse audience. Often finding that he writes his best songs within an hour, the self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist draws from his life experiences such as having struggled through school and shooting to international success in his teens with the pop trio JTR. Turning his attention to a solo career liberated him, and Boy In Space’s realization that all he wanted was an ordinary but fulfilling life has given him the freedom to present himself as he really is. He also stayed true to his roots, and still lives in the small city of Alingsås.

BACKYARD EP Tracklisting:

Lean On


Let You Go


Til’ The End

Counting Sheep

Downtown Juice

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