New GCW Ultraviolent Champion Crowned At GCW Homecoming Part 1

Rina Yamashita successfully defeated Alex Colon and is the champion of Ultraviolence. At GCW Homecoming Part 1, Yamashita was able to defeat Alex Colon in a match that featured line tubes, broken glass, steel chairs, and lots of blood. In the end, Yamashita defeated Alex Colon with one of his own moves, the Camel Clutch. After the match, Alex personally handed the belt to Yamashita and raised her hand as a sign of respect. #YouDeserveIt @rinayamashita #GCWHomecoming — VUNDACAST (est. 2013) (@vundacast) August 14, 2022 Holy shit let’s go Rina Yamashita!!! #GCWHomecoming — Josh Alba (@JoshuaAlba) August 14, 2022 Just had the absolutely mind blowing honor to call @alexcolon0139 vs Rina Yamashita @wryyyyna66 for the GCW Ultraviolent Championship. WHAT A MATCH This is a must-see watch, trust me. #GCWHomecoming — Veda Scott (@itsvedatime) August 14, 2022 What can you say about her? She traveled thousands of miles to cheat death and bleed buckets for us. The NEW Ultraviolent Queen, Rina Yamashita. #GCWHomecoming — ty (@tylernoir) August 14, 2022 We will have full results of the event after it concludes.