(Unofficial) Debian Perl Sprint 2022

(Unofficial) Debian Perl Sprint 2022

Three members of the Debian Perl Group
met in Hamburg between May 23 and May 30 2022 as part of the
Debian Reunion Hamburg
to continue perl development work for Bookworm and to work on QA tasks across
our 3800+ packages.

The participants had a good time and met other Debian friends. The
sprint was also productive:

  • pkg-perl-tools and dh-make-perl were improved and extended.
  • More than 50 uploads were done, and more than 30 bugs were fixed or at least triaged.
  • autopkgtests were added to lots of packages.
  • Some requests to remove obsolete packages were filed as well.

The more detailed report
was posted to the Debian Perl mailing list.

The participants would like to thank the Debian Reunion Hamburg organizers
for providing the framework for our sprint, all sponsors of the event, and
all donors to the Debian project who helped to cover parts of our expenses.

Debian Reunion Hamburg 2022 group photo

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