Bandai Namco confirms hack after ransomware data leak threat

Game publishing giant Bandai Namco disclosed about a cyberattack which may have resulted in the theft of customers’ personal data.

Bandai Namco, a Japanese publisher of numerous popular video games, including Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Pac-Man, Tekken, Gundam, Soulcalibur, etc. confirmed that they suffered a cyberattack on July 3rd.  The hackers have breached internal systems for offices in Asian regions, other than Japan.

The BlackCat ransomware operation (aka AlphV) claimed to have breached Bandai Namco and stolen corporate data during the attack.

​The corporate has not provided any technical details regarding the cyberattack, but the entry to BlackCat’s data leak site and the company confirming the attack suggests that they suffered a ransomware attack.

BlackCat has not released any of Bandai Namco’s allegedly stolen data as of now.

The AlphV/BlackCat ransomware operation which was launched in November 2021 is believed to be a rebrand of the DarkSide/BlackMatter gang.

The group is now considered as one of the largest ransomware threats targeting the enterprise, hitting large companies.

In April, the FBI published a warning that BlackCat had breached at least 60 entities worldwide and stated that they have extensive networks and experience with ransomware operations.

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