Ransomware attack hits French telecoms firm

French virtual mobile telephone operator La Poste Mobile was hit by a ransomware attack that impacted administrative and management services.

The company alerted its customers that threat actors may have accessed their data and so they must stay vigilant as there are risks of identity theft or phishing attacks if their data have been compromised.

La Poste Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator with around 2 million customers in France and reported revenues of over $500m in 2021.

The administrative and management services of La Poste Mobile fell victim to a malicious ransomware-type virus on July 4th. When they became aware of the attack, they took immediate protective measures by suspending the computer systems concerned. So they had to temporarily close their website and customer area.

The telecom’s IT teams are diagnosing the situation. On their initial analysis their servers, which are essential to the operation of the mobile line, have been well protected. However, it is possible that files on the computers of La Poste Mobile employees have been affected. Some of these files may contain personal data.

The Lockbit ransomware group is believed to be behind the attack as the operators have added the name of La Poste Mobile on its leak site overnight from Thursday to Friday.

The gang which has been active since at least 2019 is one of the most active ransomware gangs today. Recently, the Lockbit ransomware operation has released LockBit 3.0, which has important novelties such as a bug bounty program, Zcash payment, and new extortion tactics.

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