Pop Mart opens first US store in Southern California

Pop Mart, a global entertainment company known for its art toys and collectibles, has opened its first U.S. pop-up location in Costa Mesa.

The 2,148-square-foot store at South Coast Plaza, features art toys that are designed and inspired by popular culture. The company has recruited a variety of designers, including Kenny, Pucky, Ayan, Kasing Lung and Skullpanda to launch thousands of creations that have resonated with customers, the company said.

The toys include the Zoe Monster Story Series, Skullpanda X The Adams Family Series, Duckoo in the Kitchen, the Bobo and Coco Go Camping Series and the Philip Colbert Lobster Land Series, among others.

Pop Mart has additionally collaborated with Disney and Warner Bros. through the launch of the Harry Potter series and Marvel classics toys. The company is also known for its “blind boxes, which are boxes with a random assortment of novelty items inside that the buyer never sees until they’re opened.

The blind box phenomenon has gained traction in recent years, giving rise to a new catch phrase – “the blind box economy.”

Founded in 2010, the Beijing-based company maintains operations in 23 countries and regions, with more than 350 brick-and-mortar stores and more than 1,800 Robo Shop vending machines, worldwide.

Justin Moon, Pop Mart’s vice president and president of Pop Mart International, said the U.S. ranks first in the global toy market.

“The influence of American pop culture on a global scale cannot be underestimated, and young people advocate individual expressions,” Moon said. “Pop Mart hopes to light up passion and bring joy, establishing close connections with local young people through more diverse ways.”

The company plans to expand in the U.S., although specific locations of future stores have to be revealed.

Pop Mart is the fastest-growing art toy brand in China in terms of retail value, according to a report from Frost & Sullivan, a research firm hired by the company to draft its IPO prospectus.

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Author: Kevin Smith

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