Jeff Van Beaver Acts 1.8 Foundation: Helping Local Churches to Grow


The Acts 1.8 Foundation was created to help churches and ministries in the local community flourish, Jeff Van Beaver. A growing number of churches are realizing how important it is to have a foundation that can invest in their church without all the hassle. The Acts 1.8 Foundation takes care of everything for them, so they can focus on what matters, supporting congregations in need.

The Jeff Van Beaver

Jeff Van Beaver is the founder of Acts 1.8 Foundation, a ministry that helps local churches grow. Jeff has a background in business and marketing, and he understands how to help churches reach their potential.

Acts 1.8 Foundation provides resources and support to churches in need. They offer training in marketing and fundraising, as well as financial assistance. Their goal is to help churches thrive and reach their full potential.

Jeff Van Beaver is committed to helping local churches reach their full potential. He understands how important it is to provide resources and support that will help them grow.

Acts 1.8 Ministry

Churches can help create a positive impact in their community by providing services that are beneficial to the local population.

One way churches can contribute to their local community is by providing services beneficial to the local population. Acts 1:8 states, “But ye shall speak the things which are put into your hearts, and not according to the world, for the world would love to hear that ye have fellowship with God.”

Churches can provide a wide variety of services that are beneficial to the local population. Some of these services include helping people with disabilities, providing food and nutrition programs, providing shelter and housing assistance, and more.

It is essential for churches to carefully consider the services they provide to make sure they are benefiting the local population. Chances are, if a service is beneficial to the local population, it will also benefit church members and other Christians in the area.

What is the Acts 1.8 Foundation?

The Acts 1.8 Foundation is a nonprofit organization that exists to help local churches grow. We do this by providing financial and material support to churches in need and training and resources to help them reach their full potential.

The Acts 1.8 Foundation was founded in 2002 by Jeff Van Beaver in Green Bay. Today, the Acts 1.8 Foundation has over $3 million in assets. We have helped thousands of churches grow into thriving ministries. We are committed to helping local churches become influential evangelists and disciples of Jesus Christ.

How does the Act 1.8 Foundation work?

The Act 1.8 Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps local churches grow by providing financial and logistical support.

The Foundation supports churches throughout the United States through donations, grants, and technical assistance.

The Foundation works with churches to help them grow their ministries, develop fundraising initiatives, and improve their outreach efforts. In addition, the Foundation provides training and resources for church leaders and members.

The Act 1.8 Foundation is committed to helping churches fulfill their mission of serving God and fulfilling the needs of their community. We believe that church growth is essential to restoring society to its biblical Foundation.

Where did the idea for the Acts 1.8 Foundation come from?

The Acts 1.8 Foundation was founded in 2002 in Green Bay. Jeff Van Beaver had been preaching about Acts 1.8 for many years. He began to feel that there was a need for a foundation that could help local churches grow.

Jeff Van Beaver believes that Acts 1.8 is an excellent example of how God works throughout history to bring His kingdom forward. He wants the Foundation to help churches learn more about this passage of scripture. He also wants the Foundation to provide financial support to help churches grow.

Board of Directors Responsible

1. The Board of Directors is responsible for the management and direction of the Foundation.

2. The Board meets regularly to discuss the work of the Foundation and make decisions that will help it grow and achieve its mission.

3. The Board is committed to transparency and accountability and makes all decisions following its written policies and bylaws.

4. The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to steward the assets of the Foundation in a responsible way, which includes devoting resources to our core missions.


As churches continue to experience dwindling membership and financial challenges, it’s more important than ever for them to partner with organizations like Acts 1.8 Foundation to grow and thrive. Acts 1.8 Foundation is a nonprofit that exists to help local churches reach their full potential by providing funding, resources, and training.

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