Sony will reportedly launch ‘PS5 Pro Controller’ soon

Sony will reportedly launch ‘PS5 Pro Controller’ soon

While Microsoft has offered a more expensive ‘Elite’ Xbox controller for years now, Sony has stuck to its standard controllers so far. According to reports this week, that will change soon, as apparently Sony is working on a “pro” controller. 

The DualSense controller that ships with the PS5 was already a massive upgrade over the DualShock 4. The PS5’s controller implemented resistive triggers and other haptic feedback enhancements. However, there are still some features that could improve things further.

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According to reporter Tom Henderson (via TryHardGuides), Sony is working on a new DualSense Pro controller, which would add removable thumb sticks, trigger stops, removable grips and additional paddle buttons at the back of the controller.

Many of these features are selling points of the Xbox Elite series controllers and can also be found on third-party gamepads from the likes of Scuf. The new DualSense Pro controller should be announced at the end of this month, with availability following soon after.

KitGuru Says: Have you ever purchased an expensive/modded gamepad like a SCUF controller or the Xbox Elite controller? Are there any other features you think Sony should include to improve the DualSense? 

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