IOGEAR KALIBER GAMING HVER PRO X mechanical keyboard review

IOGEAR KALIBER GAMING HVER PRO X mechanical keyboard review

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IOGear recognizes various needs of gamers and sent us the HVER PRO X RGB mechanical keyboard for us to test out and give our readers an honest view of the product. With a mechanical brown key technology and futuristic design, RGB lights shining through each key, and the option to map key macros, this keyboard offers some exciting design concepts but lacks proper instruction for new users.

IOGEAR KALIBER GAMING HVER PRO X mechanical keyboard: Great keyboard, aesthetic and lack of new user instructions hinder instead of help

The HVER PRO X RGB mechanical keyboard offers a complete 104 key design and a unique aluminum chassis. The keyboard is quite hefty in weight—picking it up feels incredibly sturdy and appears like it could take a lot to damage the frame. The keyboard does not bend like others would with an aluminum frame design, which adds to the product’s sturdiness. In looking at the frame, the aesthetic seems pretty standard with some other lower price gaming keyboards. Still, it is seemingly out of place compared to newer models released by IOGear and other companies. Most more unique gaming keyboards options for a minimalistic design and a smaller form factor, allowing the keyboards to fit almost any desktop space. The HVER PRO X RGB mechanical keyboard is quite large, well over one foot in length across. In comparison to IOGear’s newer keyboards, they have also chosen to follow a smaller and minimalistic design while standing out from the competition.

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On the bottom of the keyboard, IOGear offers four rubber grips and two legs for ease of use for most consumers. The rubber grips do an excellent job with your keyboard on a mousepad or even flat counter space. A notch was created to hold the keycap removal tool, allowing it to remain flush on the desktop, and never seem to fall from its placement. A braided cable connects to the computer, measuring around 60 to 61 inches in length. I did find that using a lap desk did cause it to shift around a decent amount, but most users will not use that as an option. 

The brown switches under the floating keycaps are for a more tactile experience than the Cherry MX Red switches, which offer a more linear experience. As a first-time mechanical keyboard user, I did not experience any issues in typing, and due to my lack of gaming experience on a computer, I never had any lagging from responses or standard typing. I looked at other reviews of the keyboard, and I found it interesting that some reviewers commented on how the size of the keyboard and the brown switches negatively affected their experience while doing everyday tasks. I never experienced an issue where my typing was affected. I utilized the website 10FastFingers, where I can check to see how many words per minute, or WPM, I am capable of typing. There was no lack of speed in switching from my Acer Aspire 5 laptop integrated keyboard to the IOGear Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO X RGB mechanical keyboard. I went through several typing test examples on the website and never experienced any issues between a laptop keyboard to a mechanical keyboard. 

The brand of Brown switches that were used on the keyboard is unknown. I also did not receive exact specifications for the inner keyboard workings. I assume that it may all be in-house through IOGear, but it would be interesting for keyboard enthusiasts to know what product specifications they would need for their varying uses. 

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The IOGear Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO X mechanical keyboard suffers in the RGB department in bright rooms. The lights are noticeable, but only slightly. Depending on the color appearing on an individual key, specific bolder colors stand out while lighter colors feel washed out. Another issue with the keyboard is the type of font used for the unique keys. Letters and numbers are easy to recognize without issues, but some symbols are not as distinguishable. Those who look at their keyboard while typing and struggle to find the proper key needing to be pressed could slow down the user while trying to figure out the symbol on the key. Special function keys also take a backseat in RGB as those symbols are only painted on the keys and are not transparent like the rest of the key designations. The company’s font choice is another potential issue if you have lights off and are playing in darker environments while trying to adjust specific computer or keyboard options.

The RGB lighting software is pretty self-explanatory and user-friendly, and individual programming keys add customization for those who want to take advantage of the lighting. There are 18 different lighting patterns that users can choose on the keyboard, which adds to the experience for the user. Specific keys have an added functionality that affects the lighting, making it easier for users to adjust certain functions quickly.

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The most significant issue with IOGear’s products, in general, is a lack of proper instructions or tutorials on how to create a macro or make adjustments to any RGB effects. In the past, other products offered few instructions for new users, and I am surprised after several products that the company did not provide any more precise instructions, whether it be step-by-step written instructions or a video on the website or YouTube. I am new to creating macros for games, and I could not find any proper instructions from the company or other users on the internet. It is an issue I do wish that IOGear would change, as their products are affordable and offer quite a bit in the way of use, but fail at instructing new users.

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In the few days of gaming with the HVER PRO X mechanical gaming keyboard, button presses felt perfect, and I never felt like I missed a keypress or any lag from input to output. The keyboard is very comfortable to use and is very responsive.


IOGear’s HVER PRO X RGB mechanical keyboard is an affordable option for users looking for a decent gaming keyboard that does not break the bank. However, the company does need to help new users by offering clear instructions on specific aspects of the keyboard, such as programming macros and controlling lighting effects. IOGear would also benefit from adjusting the fonts on the keys to something easier to read for consumers so that the wrong key or reaction times of the user are not affected by searching for the right keys.

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