Adam Silver says league is considering removing positions from All-NBA teams

Just before Game one of the NBA Finals tipped off on Thursday night, NBA commissioner Adam Silver made a few noticeable comments that generated headlines, including the possibility of expansion once again. Perhaps just as notable, were his statements about how the Association is considering handling All-NBA team voting.

As is we hear the complaints each season about various snubs, whether it’s a first or second-team designation or missing the teams altogether, it leaves a lot of people upset. Not to mention, NBA player contracts are heavily tied to whether or not makes an All-NBA team, with that providing a barrier for the type of max contract amount they are eligible for.

“I think we are a league that has moved increasingly toward positionless basketball, and the current system may result in some inequities based on the happenstance of what your position is. So that is something we’re looking at. It’s something that we will discuss with the Players Association because it has impact on incentives and players contracts, and it has, you know, deep meaning for their legacy as well. So we will look at those things.

NBA commisioner Adam Silver on potential All-nba position changes

Needless to say, All-NBA teams are a pretty big deal.

That’s why Adam Silver’s suggested voting change could be great for the game.

Adam Silver’s All-NBA suggestion would be wise

The league employs an approach that includes two guards, two forwards and a center on each of the three All-NBA teams. But Silver said the league is considering removing positions altogether from the All-NBA voting process.

“I understand from a player’s standpoint, saying, Can’t believe the media has been given this power over me. I will say, when you have a hundred media members essentially on the panel, it seems to work its way out. We are going to discuss that with the players and sit down once again and see if there’s a better way to do it.”

Adam Silver continued

It doesn’t make sense to keep things the exact way they are. Half the time teams or media can’t agree on what position a player plays. Guard and forward? What is Luka Doncic? Does LeBron James’ position change from season to season?

The point is, many players are so versatile, that they spend time at multiple positions. While there may be a significant difference between a point guard and a center, sometimes the lines get blurred a bit when distinguishing between a guard and a forward.

Or in another sense, perhaps if the league and its NBA Players Association follows through, these suggested changes could prevent Joel Embiid from being a second-team All-NBA player despite finishing in second place of the MVP voting each of the past two seasons.

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Author: Andrew Buller-Russ

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