Mount Carmel community devastated after death of former NFL player Glenn Foster Jr.

CHICAGO — The Mount Carmel community is devastated after the in-custody death of former University of Illinois alum and NFL player Glenn Foster Jr.

Glenn Foster Jr. died Monday while in policy custody. Authorities have not released his cause of death at this time.

A New Orleans’ newspaper reported that after initially being arrested for allegedly speeding in Pickens County Alabama, Foster was rebooked on felony charges for attacking another detainee.

He was ordered by a judge held and to undergo a mental health evaluation because he was considered a danger to himself and others.

Foster was booked Sunday on charges of assault and third-degree robbery, Pickens County Sheriff’s Office records show.

Foster was diagnosed as bipolar and his father told his son was definitely having an episode.

They are denied access to him because of COVID-19 restrictions and that authorities were informed he needed treatment. But what happened from that time on until he was found dead remains a mystery.

In Chicago, Mount Carmel president Brendan Conroy said Foster Jr. visited just a few months ago.

“He had his granite business there was some other things he was doing in real estate,” Conroy said.

On Wednesday, students and staff prayed for Foster Jr. and discussed mental health.

“We prayed for Glen and it was an opportunity to talk about what a bright spirit he was,” Conroy said. “To pray for him and his wife Pamela and their beautiful four daughters, his mom, Sabrina his dad, Glenn Sr., and also to pray for people who are struggling with mental health concerns, because we know that was part of Glenn’s story.”

Chicago News