Rock Legend Carlos Santana Cancels December Shows Due to Heart Procedure

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our musical heroes who can feel nigh god-like in their swagger and larger-than-life antics are, at the end of the day, as human as the rest of us. Such is the case with rock and roll legend (and one of the true nice guys of the music industry) Carlos Santana who revealed that, per our Blue Suede Shoes compatriots at The Hollywood Reporter, he would be forced to cancel a series of December shows due to unforeseen medical issues.

 In a Wednesday video message, the ten time Grammy winning Santana revealed to concerned fans worldwide that his wife had taken him to the hospital this past Saturday due to a concern about his chest. This concern turned out to be well-founded: The erstwhile rock guru who has gifted such nuggets of musical gold to the world like Black Magic Woman, Evil Ways and Smooth wound up staying in the hospital to undergo a heart procedure from which he is now recovering.

 “I’m going to be taking time off for a little bit to make sure that I replenish and rest,” the 74-year old told fans in his video, adding that his previously scheduled performance gigs for December would, understandably, have to go on the backburner for the time being.

 Adding just a wee bit of clarity to Santana’s statement, Michael Vrionis, Big Wheel of Universal Tone Management, said that the iconic guitarist had just undergone an “unscheduled heart procedure.”

The venues that are directly affected by this cancellation include the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino which was set to run through the end of this year. In typical hard-rockin’ troubadour style, Santana’s management revealed that he’ll be back to wowing audiences with performances scheduled for January of 2022.

Santana has had a busy year with the release of his latest album entitled Blessings and Miracles and a prolific performing schedule.

 “Carlos is doing fantastic and is anxious to be back on stage soon,” Vrionis elaborated. “He profoundly regrets that this ‘speed bump’ necessitated the cancellation of his upcoming performances.”

Hey, no reason to even think of apologizing: All of Carlos Santana’s fans wish him only good health and we’ll gladly forfeit any ticket to see the maestro perform if a lot of rest and relaxation is what he needs. Get well soon, Carlos!

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