Meet Fred Srouchi: An Synonymous name and figure when it comes to nightlife club and ventures.

Fred Srouchi has been an ace entrepreneur taking the nightlife industry to next level with his innate skills and passion.

The world has witnessed an huge flurry of young and passionate entrepreneurs leading their way in to the hall of success, breaking many records, and setting high benchmarks for million others to follow. When we speak about the business world, the humongous rise across diverse sectors like Retail, Healthcare, Fashion, IT, F&B industry, etc have been one of the best hallmarks of this century. With each sector booming high, it has also coupled with cut-throat competition and latest advents and cutting-edge technologies. We came across one such passionate and driven entrepreneur taking the nightlife industry by storm with his innate skills and expertise, Fred Srouchi.

Born in the southern part of France, Marseille, Fred Srouchi belonged to an middle-class family with both of his parents being established entrepreneurs. Fred’s father was an auto entrepreneur while his mother owned a lingerie outlet. Taking lot of inspiration from both of them, Fred learned the tips and tricks of managing the business  and honed his overall skills to become an astute entrepreneur. In 1983 the family moved to Belgium for better work opportunities and managed their own venture named ‘Gentleman Club’, but soon after shifted back to Marseille due to some family reasons. As Fred turned 20, he got an opportunity to run a club that had just set up their base and post the colossal success of it, Fred opened his second club in the French Riviera which embarked upon his journey of an successful entrepreneur. However, an motorcycle accident halted his nightlife career keeping him away from his work and passion for more than a year.

Things started to improve and fall in place once Fred started to work with “VIP ROOM” in Europe. This opportunity catapulted Fred in many ways and since then there was no looking back for him as he had worked with the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco, and Courchevel, which was followed by his stint at the ‘Crystal Club’ in London. Looking at his successful track record and business ethics, Fred was offered a partnership role with ‘Maddox Club’. Today he is the owner of a club named ‘Madon Club’ and is also a key part of other ventures like ‘Chinawhite Club’ in Manchester, ‘Kaide’s Club’ and the famous ‘Stringfellows’ which are well-known nightlife venues across the UK and Europe catering to an elite list of clientele including VIP’s, celebrities and prominent personalities.

Fred Srouchi is continuing his magical run and momentum in the night life industry become an numero uno entrepreneur in this niche domain. We wish him all the very best for all future endeavors.

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