With AWS EKS Anywhere, DevOps with Artifactory Can Be Everywhere

With AWS EKS Anywhere DevOps with Artifactory Can Be Everywhere

With all the focus on public cloud infrastructures, it’s easy to believe that there is no room for on-premises deployments of infrastructure. However, on-prem deployments are not likely to completely go away because often it’s just the right thing to do.

If you operate in highly regulated environments, with a need for heightened security over your data, and very specific and onerous governing rules, regulatory compliance is easier on your own infrastructure behind your own firewall. In other cases, cloud migrations are difficult and have to be staggered over time. Also, if you have huge investments in IT infrastructure, it may be more cost-effective to leverage these investments and bring the benefits of cloud-native architectures on-prem. Alternatively, a hybrid infrastructure that combines on-prem with cloud computing may be your best-fit DevOps solution.

The value of on-prem workloads has not gone unrecognized by cloud infrastructure providers. AWS just announced their EKS Anywhere offering that gives customers the option to use the trusted AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service distribution on-prem. 

As one of a select group of partners, JFrog announced JFrog Artifactory for EKS Anywhere, available immediately on the AWS Marketplace. Here’s what you get as part of the combined offering:

  • Quick Start Helm Chart.

    Get up and running quickly thanks to an enhanced Helm chart that eases the installation process, accelerating your path to value and productivity.

  • One-stop Licensing.

    Customers only need to purchase one license in AWS Marketplace for a single server instance of JFrog Artifactory and Amazon EKS Anywhere. This results in a simple, single point of contact for managing licenses. They can either purchase outright or use their AWS credits to obtain their license. 

  • Simplified Kubernetes Management.

    JFrog Artifactory for Amazon EKS Anywhere also reduces operational complexity when running Kubernetes by allowing customers to leverage AWS for on-premises support of operating Kubernetes at scale.

Artifactory on EKS Anywhere combines a top-notch Kubernetes distribution with a top-notch DevOps solution. (Monster.com)
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The combined offering features easy provisioning of Artifactory and EKS on-prem. How easy, you ask?  It’s a simple process of copying the steps all at once from the AWS site after you subscribe. Here’s a video that takes you through an “under the hood” explanation that walks through a detailed explanation of each and every step in the setup. Keep in mind that the video dissects the process to explain what’s happening in each step. Your actual experience will go much faster.


Here’s what Monster.com had to say about this:

“We’ve been using JFrog Artifactory on AWS at Monster.com, and it has been a winning combination for us,” said Martin Eggenberger, Chief Architect, Monster.com. “After evaluating our options, we went with Artifactory because of its breadth of coverage – we were able to avoid the operational challenges of using multiple tools. Artifactory on EKS Anywhere is an exciting next step from the two vendors because it combines a top-notch Kubernetes distribution with a top-notch DevOps solution.” 

You can access the offering via our listing page on AWS Marketplace. You can try out Artifactory free for 30-days via our JFrog Pro Team listing on the AWS Marketplace.