Carroll Love just came out with a brand new release: More Than 90 Proof.

This has certainly not been an easy time for artists, but we are so happy to report that things are always brewing for some musicians, who have not been given up. On the contrary, they are still out there, making people’s lives better with music and creativity. This is definitely the case for Carroll Love, an artist who recently brought out a new release into the world. The new project is titled More Than 90 Proof, and it feels like a perfect blend of some of the artist’s main musical influences, including country, rock, and modern Americana. However, Carroll managed to develop a distinctive, personal sound that’s hard to tie into specific categories. I am a big fan of artists that make it difficult to put a finger on them, and in this case, I appreciate the original vision that drive Carroll’s music.

This release stands out as a great introduction to Carroll’s music, and it is definitely asign of great things to come. The sound is lush and masterfully produced, giving the audience a fantastic glimpse into the artist’s creativity.

Find out more about Carroll Love, and do not miss out on More Than 90 Proof, which is currently available on the web.


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