Marcus Allen Is A Renaissance Man

Marcus Allen is a Rockledge, Florida-based photographer, videographer, and entrepreneur. Additionally, he is currently training clients in photography and is interested in expanding this aspect of his work in the future. ” After graduating from high school, Marcus, who was born on January 5th, 1993, enlisted in the United States Air Force. He made a name for himself in San Antonio while serving in the Air Force. In the middle of his military career he developed a close relationship with club owners and promoters, and later used this network to help him land a job after a seven-month deployment to Qatar.

Marcus’ interest in and skill in photography and videography grew during his time abroad and upon his return to the United States. In order to improve his photography, he invested his savings in his own company. In the beginning, he worked with both individuals and corporations, building a portfolio that led to an increasing amount of work over time. Marcus, who is now a self-made entrepreneur, is constantly expanding his business into new markets. Instagram is a great place to follow Marcus’s daily activities:

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