“Queen of the Spiders” Has Been Reworked Into A Music Video By Thor

Their latest endeavor, a 2D animated film for their track “Queen Of The Spiders,” has been announced by the Canadian rock band Thor. Long-term collaborators Kevin Stuart Swain and Jon Mikl Thor wrote and produced this track. The band is eager to reveal a different side of themselves musically and try their hand at animation for the first time after the critical accolades they have received for their latest album “Alliance.”

Jon Mikl Thor’s fondness of comic books and the fact that a handful has featured him make this an obvious step. Thor’s line-up includes Frank Soda on lead guitar, Rob Blackburn on keys and guitar, Scott Young on drums, Kevin Stuart Swain on bass, and Jon Mikl Thor as lead singer. “We Will Fight Forever” and “Because We Are Strong” are two of Thor’s most successful recordings.

The animated music video is drenched with colors and an exciting series of imagery. It perfectly resonates their dark image and the need to transmit a shadowy feel to the track. With flames and a spider woman as the recurring character throughout the video, the track is overflowing with the right juices.

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