The Chilean Foreign Ministry calls “unacceptable interference” the opinion of the Argentine ambassador on the far-right José Antonio Kast

The Chilean Foreign Ministry calls “unacceptable interference” the opinion of the Argentine ambassador on the far-right José Antonio Kast

Posted: 22 Nov 2021 21:44 GMT

The representative of Argentina in Chile, Rafael Bielsa, stated in a radio interview that the current presidential candidate “has exhibited his anti-Argentineism.”

The Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs described as an “unacceptable interference” that the Argentine ambassador in the country, Rafael Bielsa, pronounced “in inappropriate terms” on the far-right presidential candidate José Antonio Kast, in the middle of the electoral process.

“These expressions represent an unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of Chile and violate norms of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, “said the Foreign Ministry in a press release published this Monday, a day after the general elections in which Kast, from the Republican Party, and Gabriel Boric, from the leftist coalition Approve Dignity, obtained first and second place , respectively, so they will meet in the second round on December 19.

The Chilean Foreign Ministry thus expressed its rejection of the opinion expressed by Bielsa in an interview with the Argentine radio station Radio Con Vos, in which he compared Kast with the president of Brazil, Jair bolsonaro, and with the former US president, Donald trump.

“Many easy-to-understand phrases, many inaccuracies, many lack of definitions and an extremely aggressive speech that hits in some places, which are painful places for society, such as the case of immigration,” declared the Argentine ambassador to Chile.

The far-right José Antonio Kast and the leftist Gabriel Boric will face off in the second round of the presidential elections in Chile

Bielsa made this comparison after recalling that Kast, whom he placed on the far right, proposed to build ditches at border crossings to prevent foreigners from crossing into Chile.

“You don’t spend 30 years in the shadow of an individual like [Augusto] Pinochet, in his different incarnations, without leaving a trace on the soul, “Bielsa declared about the votes obtained by the right-wing candidates, including Kast, the official candidate of Chile Podemos Más, Sebastián Sichel, and that of the Party of the People, Franco Parisi, who together totaled more than 50 percentage points.

“When I mentioned that vocation of order, of obedience, of not moving a leaf, as Pinochet himself said, without him knowing it, that is an element that is present in a very widespread way and particularly in the popular sectors “, affirmed Bielsa.

The controversial statements

Bielsa also spoke about the relationship between Argentina and Chile, and assured that it could become more complex in case the candidate of the Republican Party wins the ballot, since “Kast has exhibited his anti-Argentinianism“.

“From telling us that we have historically stolen territory and that we have to stop stealing territory from Chile. All kinds of xenophobic expression, targeting Argentina, I have them perfectly registered, filed, read, studied,” he said.

The Argentine ambassador in Chile accused Kast advisers of “shaking” the web pages with claims about “territorial nature” and where they express “a lot of hostility towards Peronism.”

“If one sticks to what he has said, it would be difficult to imagine, because at the same time the relationship that Argentina has with Chile is perhaps the most complex in a good way, of all those it has with its neighboring countries,” he said. Bielsa.

Bilateral scenario with Boric

On the other hand, Bielsa advanced that should Boric win, the bilateral relationship could be “much more fluid”, since in his opinion, the leftist candidate has a speech in which he emphasizes fraternity and understands that “integration is an imperative for survival.”

For its part, the Chilean Foreign Ministry expressed its willingness to “maintain the best political and diplomatic relations with the Argentine Republic”, within the framework of a “reciprocal friendship” and “reciprocal respect” that unites the two peoples.

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