Rising Star Artist Officialblxkstar Shares His Story

Edward Lee Perry Jr., know to most as Officialblxkstar, is a rising artist from Marianna, Florida.  The R&B star is known for his melodious hit singles “Hear Me Calling” and “Me and You”. Officialblxkstar has quickly gained online popularity, amassing over 10,000 followers on the social media platform Instagram. Before there was any Officialblxkstar, there was just a young kid named Edward.  He had a more unique and meaningful way of finding himself in the music industry.

He states that, “Music helped me deal a lot with my depression.  My mom would sing to me when I was going through a rough time, and I just loved it. One of my favorite singers was Maxwell.  I discovered that I couldn’t really sing, so I started rapping about my feelings to get them out.  People loved to hear me rap about my life and everything. Deep down I really wanted to sing though, so I kept pursuing it and taught myself how to sing. I’ve been at it now seriously for going on 8 months now.”  The transition from being a rapper into a singer is not an easy one, especially having to be self-taught.  Officialblxkstar credits his relentless work ethic and persistence that has helped him to be able to pursue singing without any experience.

This persistency and hard work has also opened up other doors for him in the music industry.  Edward goes on to state that, “I like to think of myself as a hard worker.  Whenever I set out to do something, I make it happen.  I’ve gotten two record deals, a publishing deal, and standard one from all of the hard work and long hours I’ve put in. I turned those deals down only because I don’t know the music business that well yet and I didn’t think one was necessarily needed in this time and age.”  Despite all the notoriety that has come with making music, Officialblxkstar has a bigger purpose for his music.

He states that, “I try to make music that can help people get out of the depressive state of mind that I have to deal with every day. I love getting comments and messages from people saying that I’ve actually helped them with my music.  Honestly, I love helping people with their problems.  I might not get the views and likes like these other famous artists, but I’d rather actually touch someone and help them get through what they’re going through.” Officialblxkstar is definitely making an impact in the music industry.  The star has a bright future ahead of himself.  You can follow his journey on his Instagram page @officialblxkstar.

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