carpetgarden Releases Single and Video for “IDC”

Fast-rising pop sensation carpetgarden (they/them) has released the single “IDC” – a 60s-influenced, Beach Boys-turned-pop-punk infused ode to unconditional love, produced and co-written by Mercury Award-winning producerLuca Buccellati  CLICK HERE to listen.

“‘IDC’ is a really chaotic song about embracing identity and flaws and giving up in the most positive way,” carpetgarden reveals, regarding the emotional new single.

They add, “Before I came out as trans, I was always hiding parts of myself, so I blended in more to the people around me. Once I came out, I didn’t really have to ‘blend in’ anymore, since being trans is still an idea a lot of people turn their heads to. In reality, I’ve lost a lot of relationships with (very judgmental) friends and family because of my gender identity and sexuality. ‘IDC’ is really about that optimistic nihilism, and the sort of ‘release’ to be yourself and find your community after the abandonment.”

Alongside the Gen-Z anthem, carpetgarden has collaborated with whimsical and campy photography legend Danin Jacquay (Deathcats) for the corresponding video – a mash up of the punk angst of The Ramones’ classic “Rock and Roll High School” with teen hijinks of Fast Times at Ridgemont High wrapped up in John Hughes’ misfit coming-of-age energy – CLICK HERE to watch the official video.

IDC, the first single in nearly a year signals the beginning of a new chapter for carpetgarden, the musical pseudonym for 21-year-old Californian singer-songwriter, David Sweet, including their first ever live show on December 2 at The Echo in Los Angeles.

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