Vigil held for 2-year-old girl shot to death in Harvey

HARVEY, Ill. — A vigil was held Friday evening for a 2-year-old girl who was shot to death in Harvey Thursday night, with details surrounding her death still mostly unknown.

Gasping with grief, tears streamed down the face of Tara Abraham, the grandmother of 2-year-old Majestee Hale.

“I was just playing with her last night. She’s going to be so, so missed. So missed. I just want her to know, we love you so much baby,” Abraham said.

Dr. Jonathan Johnson, the pastor of Holy Bible Missionary Baptist Church, organized a candlelight vigil outside of the family home Friday night.

“This is such a tragedy for the family and I ask that everyone just continuously pray for the family and keep them lifted in prayer,” Johnson said.

A group of representatives from “Roseland Ceasefire” a local anti-violence group, attended the vigil.

“The overall message is to stop the violence and try our best to prevent it before it happens,” Reginald Wilson, Jr. of Roseland Ceasefire said.

Harvey police called the inquiry into the child’s death an open and active investigation, while identifying the shooting as an isolated incident. No other details were offered.

Majestee Hale’s aunt told an assembled crowd of friends and community members that the child’s death was an accident. The family said the girl’s parents are being questioned by police.

“They still have them down at the police station. You know, they are a grieving mother and father who just lost their baby and they should not be where they are,” Abraham said.

At this point, it remains unclear how Majestee was shot. Police have not said how many people were in the home or if the weapon was recovered.

Chicago News