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Intel’s Latest Graphics Drivers Lists 32 DG2 ‘ARC Alchemist’ GPU IDs

Intel ARC Gaming Graphics Cards With Xe-HPG GPU Will Be Ready To Overclock Through Driver UI At Launch

Intel has an upcoming graphics driver (, which is expected to release tomorrow in conjunction of the release of Intel’s newest 12th Gen Core Alder Lake-S desktop GPUs. This new driver includes added support for Intel’s integrated Xe-LP graphics, as well as “iGPU support for Alder Lake-P (high-end mobile) and Alder Lake-M/N (low-power mobile).”

Added support for the beginning of Intel Arc Alchemist will also be on board for this new driver, with a staggering 32 brand new IDs for the family of DG2 graphics processors. What is surprising about this development is the amount of DG2 GPUs listed. There appear to be around six times as many IDs for the DG2 GPU family than the DG1 lines that were released over a year ago. As with any future SKU list from a manufacturer, some IDs may never be used, but are added to “future proof” the builds itself so that they can be covered.

Intel Arc Alchemist is to appear in the first quarter of next year, however, there is no current support for the desktop GPUs, nor should that be expected, especially with the current state of computer components in today’s market. It is also unknown whether Intel will be releasing separate drivers for the Arc Alchemist line—one for their mobile versions, and one for desktop models—or if the company plans to combine the SKUs for both sections.

VideoCardz has reported the current list of DG2 SKUs, which we have released below. Again, not all may be used in the future, but this is at least the most current list available at the moment.

; DG2

INTEL_DEV_4F80 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F81 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F82 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F83 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F84 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F85 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F86 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F87 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F88 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5690 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5691 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5692 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5693 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5694 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5695 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5696 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5697 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5698 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A0 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A1 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A2 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A3 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A4 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A5 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A6 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A7 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A8 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A9 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56B0 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56B1 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56C0 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56C1 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”

Source: LaptopVideo2Go, VideoCardz

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