Tom Francis Drops New Video – DANGEROUS

New Zealand’s own Tom Francis has been creating waves one song at a time recently in a major way. Tom’s biggest inspirations in his music stems from the motivation of watching others succeed around him. Heavily inspired by Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Curren$y and Future, Tom has developed a whole new sound since he started. Every artist in this culture has picked up a thing or two from someone else; whether it’s their flow, delivery, rhyme schemes; or just the way they rap but even Tom Franics, he has his own sound. Definitely check out his latest banger called “DANGEROUS” that just premiered on October 1st. Someone in the comments said:

“He’s not just a rapper, he’s a certified icon.”

It makes us happy to know Tom receives nationwide positive feedback from New Zealand and even across the United States, Tom is a household name in the music industry.

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