Bay Area News Group high school football picks: Week 9, fall 2021

Mike Lefkow, the two-time defending champion of this all-for-fun high school football picks competition, had the best record in Week 8.

The bad news for Lefkow is he was only one game better than yours truly and Evan Webeck.

Lefkow went 9-7. We went 8-8.

Yeah, we know. That’s like a bad NFL division.

Webeck — aka The Kid — continues to lead the competition even though he has cooled off since moving over to help fill in on our Warriors beat a few weeks ago.

He holds a two-game lead over me and a five-game cushion over Lefkow as we move on to Week 9.

Only three weekends left before the playoffs.

Be sure to watch the video for our roundtable as we discuss the hot topics of the week and delve a little deeper into our predictions, which this week include the Holy War game between St. Francis and Bellarmine, California-Monte Vista and Foothill-Dublin.

If you want just the picks, scroll down to see who we’re taking.

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Branham (5-2) at Pioneer (5-2), Thursday, 7 p.m

Sabedra: Pioneer

Webeck: Pioneer

Lefkow: Pioneer

Gunn (5-2) at Cupertino (6-0), Thursday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Gunn

Webeck: Cupertino 

Lefkow: Cupertino

Antioch (4-3) at Heritage (4-3), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Heritage

Webeck: Heritage

Lefkow: Heritage

Benicia (5-2) at Acalanes (4-3), Friday, 7 p.m. 

Sabedra: Benicia 

Webeck: Benicia

Lefkow: Benicia

Amador Valley (4-3) at Clayton Valley (5-2), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Clayton Valley

Webeck: Clayton Valley

Lefkow: Clayton Valley

California (6-1) at Monte Vista (6-0), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: California

Webeck: California

Lefkow: California

Foothill (6-2) at Dublin (5-2), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Dublin

Webeck: Dublin

Lefkow: Dublin

Castro Valley (4-3) at Encinal (6-1), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Castro Valley

Webeck: Encinal

Lefkow: Encinal

Bishop O’Dowd (3-4) at Piedmont (1-5), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Bishop O’Dowd

Webeck: Bishop O’Dowd

Lefkow: Bishop O’Dowd

Lincoln-San Jose (5-2) at Live Oak (5-2), Friday, 7:30 p.m.

Sabedra: Live Oak

Webeck: Live Oak

Lefkow: Live Oak

Gunderson (4-3) at Hill (4-3), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Hill

Webeck: Hill

Lefkow: Hill

Homestead (4-3) at Milpitas (2-5), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Homestead

Webeck: Homestead

Lefkow: Homestead

Palo Alto (3-4) at Mountain View (5-3), Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Mountain View

Webeck: Mountain View

Lefkow: Mountain View

Riordan (4-3) vs. Sacred Heart Cathedral (2-5) at Kezar Stadium, Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: Sacred Heart Cathedral

Webeck: Sacred Heart Cathedral 

Lefkow: Sacred Heart Cathedral

St. Francis (6-0) vs. Bellarmine (5-2) at San Jose City College, Friday, 7 p.m.

Sabedra: St. Francis

Webeck: St. Francis

Lefkow: St. Francis


Granada 41, Dougherty Valley 27

Sabedra: Dougherty Valley (L)

Webeck: Dougherty Valley (L)

Lefkow: Dougherty Valley (L)

Castro Valley 55, Washington-Fremont 21 

Sabedra: Washington-Fremont (L)

Webeck: Castro Valley (W) 

Lefkow: Castro Valley (W)

El Cerrito 56, Salesian 0

Sabedra: El Cerrito (W)

Webeck: El Cerrito (W)

Lefkow: El Cerrito (W)

Hillsdale 42, Capuchino 41, overtime

Sabedra: Hillsdale (W)

Webeck: Hillsdale (W)

Lefkow: Hillsdale (W)

Los Gatos 49, Palo Alto 0 

Sabedra: Los Gatos (W)

Webeck: Los Gatos (W)

Lefkow: Los Gatos (W)

De La Salle 52, California 14 

Sabedra: De La Salle (W)

Webeck: De La Salle (W)

Lefkow: De La Salle (W)

Campolindo 24, Acalanes 14 

Sabedra: Acalanes (L)

Webeck: Acalanes (L)

Lefkow: Acalanes (L)

Clayton Valley 28, San Ramon Valley 21 

Sabedra: San Ramon Valley (L)

Webeck: San Ramon Valley (L)

Lefkow: San Ramon Valley (L)

Menlo 48, Aragon 7

Sabedra: Menlo (W)

Webeck: Menlo (W)

Lefkow: Menlo (W)

Monte Vista 10, Amador Valley 7

Sabedra: Monte Vista (W)

Webeck: Monte Vista (W)

Lefkow: Amador Valley (L)

Skyline 31, Fremont-Oakland 13

Sabedra: Skyline (W)

Webeck: Fremont-Oakland (L)

Lefkow: Skyline (W)

Homestead 49, Mountain View 45

Sabedra: Mountain View (L)

Webeck: Mountain View (L)

Lefkow: Mountain View (L)

Burlingame 35, Terra Nova 14

Sabedra: Terra Nova (L)

Webeck: Terra Nova (L)

Lefkow: Burlingame (W)

Sacred Heart Cathedral 20, Bellarmine 13

Sabedra: Bellarmine (L)

Webeck: Bellarmine (L)

Lefkow: Bellarmine (L)

Serra 28, Valley Christian 21 

Sabedra: Serra (W)

Webeck: Serra (W)

Lefkow: Serra (W)


Santa Teresa 14, Leland 7 

Sabedra: Leland (L)

Webeck: Leland (L)

Lefkow: Leland (L)


Lefkow: 9-7

Sabedra: 8-8

Webeck: 8-8


Webeck: 76-41

Sabedra: 74-43

Lefkow: 71-46

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Author: Darren Sabedra