90s grunge and midwestern roots inspired band Salt Creek are excited to share their, introspective, driving, and refreshingly relatable debut album Out Of The Sky – out today via Tooth and Nail. Fans can stream the new album now at

On Out of the Sky Salt Creek shares, “This record is about being yourself, talking to someone when you aren’t feeling too hot, and knowing that shit gets better on the other side of things. A lot has happened in the last year or two, everyone is going through something or another right now, hopefully this album is a reminder that they’re not alone in feeling that way, and there is more out there beyond that feeling.”

Ahead of the release of Out of the Sky, Salt Creek shared singles “INVU”, “Soul Jar,” “High Horse” and most recently The Vine.  “INVU” illustrates the feeling of being isolated and abandoned by a close friend when you are in a sad, hopeless state of mind. “Soul Jar”, another hard-hitting song, describes the feeling of wanting to escape who you are and become a new person. “High Horse” discusses the idea of rising above the hate and negative thoughts that people are so quick to put out in the world. “The Vine” focuses on looking back on past relationships through rose-colored glasses, allowing your heart to give less-than-pleasant memories a makeover despite what the rational part of your brain may say. The singles have landed the band coverage from sites like Loudwire, The Alternative, and placements on Spotify Playlists; New Noise, All New Rock, New Alt Rock Mixtape and more.

Out of the Sky Tracklist:

  2. Thorn in My Side
  3. High Horse
  4. The Vine
  5. Etna
  6. Soul Jar
  7. Trance
  8. Songbird
  9. INVU
  10. Euclid
  11. Where is the Sun
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