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Interview with Jason Dekker, CEO of Dragon Mainland.

entrevista con jason dekker director ejecutivo de dragon mainland

Dear Jason Dekker, thank you for taking the time to join me in this interview to educate our community about Dragon Mainland. Can you give us a brief introduction? What’s your story, that goes back to what you wish for?

My quick experience is that I started out as a stock market trader in the late 1990s by trading stocks on the internet. He did very well and I started my own hedge fund and ran it up to $ 300 million at its peak.

Then I was the founder of a biotech company sold to a publicly traded Nasdaq company. I sold an organic food and beverage company to my old business partner.

Then I was the CEO and founder of GoChain, where we successfully raised $ 15 million and won the Binance community list vote by the largest margin ever. At GoChain we partner with several Fortune 500 companies and public companies such as Microsoft, Dish Network, and Enviva. GoChain has focused primarily on the supply chain with its Chainsparency platform. They also have an NFT platform called Zeromint.

There is more, but I have had a very successful corporate experience and have been active in the blockchain crypto space for the last 6 years.

Why did you get involved in the cryptocurrency industry and where do you think the industry will be in 5-10 years?

The crypto industry is a trend in the future and it is also the best solution for traditional companies to break the ice. According to the development of the crypto industry in recent years, more and more investments or traditional companies have joined. The cryptocurrency market is huge. And I believe that the cryptocurrency market will usher in a streak of development in the next 5-10 years.

That is incredible. Now, can you give us an introduction to Dragon Mainland and its history?

Dragon Mainland is a new “play to win” game that is a fully immersive 3D encrypted NFT collectibles game. Our goal is to create a fully decentralized community or a DAO. The community will be able to validate all transactions and activities within the game, providing a level playing field for everyone. It is the intersection of Games + DeFi + NFT in a Dragon ecosystem.

So how did you get started with Dragon Mainland and why? At first, did you see an opportunity to fill a gap in the market?

The idea for Dragon Mainland came from How to Train Your Dragon. Dragons have long captivated eastern and western cultures. Most recently with movies and TV shows like Avatar, Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings and many others.

We think that the idea of ​​raising, raising and fighting dragons will captivate players and is something exciting.

As for filling the gap in the market, we have actually been settling in the gamefi field since 2018, and we have incubated many projects as an operating agency. In this year’s Gamefi market, we want to create a game that is suitable for all people to win while playing through our rich experience.

What have been the biggest challenges for you and Dragon Mainland since you started the project?

Dragon Mainland is developed based on BSC. As we all know, BSC supports EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). It’s easy to make BSC clones of Ethereum dApps and NFT. This issue has also drawn criticism from the crypto community, such as Binance Punks (Bunks). This project is very similar to CryptoPunks on the Ethereum blockchain. Bashmasks is also considered a “copy” of the Ethereum NFT Hashmasks art project, and Musical Beats also appears to be “copying” EulerBeats. Plagiarism is unavoidable, but the “first inning” advantage that innovation brings goes beyond its form. In addition, we will continue to optimize and update products to meet the needs of different users in the market and provide specific solutions based on existing projects. If it is just a copy, it will be difficult for them to make special improvements to the project, which is unavoidable for users.

Understood. Now, what has been your greatest achievement so far and what has been the greatest personal or company failure or setback in the history of the company?

Serving as the CEO and Founder of GoChain, where we successfully raised $ 15 million and won the Binance Community List vote by the largest margin ever.

What’s the next step for Dragon Mainland in the next 1-2 years?

Please see the following roadmap:

Where can people support your business? Other than that, thank you for your time. Any final words?








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