20 years without a front license plate? These drivers say they have that beat: Roadshow

Q: Last week Kevin Brown of Santa Clara said his Mustang hadn’t had a front plate since the early 2000s. You asked if anyone could beat that. I have a 1993 Camaro that has never had a front plate displayed and it is still on the road, not just sitting in the garage. That’s 28 years.

Steve Paine, San Jose

A: And here’s a driver who has hit the 32-year mark without a front plate.

Q: I had my Corvette for 28 years and one before that for four years and never was I stopped for no front plate, although I had an answer ready: “Officer, it must be a very slow day.”

Ron Rundell, Campbell

A: I think the cop would have been amused.

Q: Only 20 years without a front license plate? Try 41 years for my custom 1962 Corvette, which I bought in 1973 and sold in 2014.  Probably still doesn’t have one on it since it went to Japan.

Michael Scott, Walnut Creek

A: And …

Q: I had a 1991 Eagle Talon bought in Roseville. Never had the front plate attached, from day one. It was in the glove box. No one driving it was ever pulled over for any sort of violation.

Liane Goodrich

A: I doubt many can top the next guy.

Q: You asked “Can anyone top that?” regarding “20 odd years” running without a front incense plate. My numbers are 49 years and 1 ticket.

I have been driving a Lotus Elan since 1969. I moved to the Bay Area in 1972. Even more so than on a Tesla, there is no practical way to mount a plate without harming the car and distorting the look of the front.

In the 45 years in the Bay Area, I have never had a front plate on my Elans (I’ve had more than one). I also didn’t have a plate during the four years in I lived near Chicago, nor the year in Maryland.

Stan Murawski

A: But then your luck ended in 1981, when you got a “no front plate” ticket while parked on Santa Cruz Avenue in Los Gatos.

Q: Since 1996, I have had three cars, in succession, that had no front plate mounting possible (without seriously damaging the vehicle and aesthetics) —  nine years with a Toyota Supra, 10 years with a Lamborghini Gallardo, and now six years with a Mercedes SL-550. I have never been stopped for lack of a plate, although I was once stopped in the Lambo by a cop who just wanted to look at the car!

Rich Seifert, Los Gatos

A: Now let’s hear from people who have gotten tickets for lacking a front plate.

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Author: Gary Richards