10 essential cryptocurrency websites to keep up to date

If you already have, or are thinking of buying cryptocurrencies, be sure to consult these 10 news and current websites about digital currencies for these [email protected]… Consulting projects, markets and news before buying or investing in the stock market is crucial in general terms and especially important when trading cryptocurrencies. It is not only about […]

Chicago civil rights icon Timuel Black in hospice care

CHICAGO — Chicago civil rights icon Timuel Black has entered hospice care. In February, WGN News’ Micah Materre interviewed Black after he turned 102 in December 2020. Black was an organizer of the March on Washington in 1963 and dedicated his life to teaching the history of Black America to the next generation. A GoFundMe […]

Yugo Nagata: Transition Tables in Imcremental View Maintenance

Introduction In a previous post, I explained that our implementation of Incremental View Maintenance (IVM) on PostgreSQL were using AFTER trigger and transition tables. In this article describes how we use transition tables in the IVM implementation. Transition Tables In order to calculate changes to be applied to views, changes that occurred on the updated […]