How Folabi Clemént Solanke is Making a Global Impact

Making an impact around the world isn’t an easy feat. While we can all work hard to make positive changes in our communities, it’s an entirely different accomplishment to have your efforts impact lives on the other side of the planet. Well, that’s exactly what Folabi Clement Solanke was able to do. This entrepreneur, actor, author, and philanthropist has dedicated his life to not only building success for his immediate family, but families in need.

Folabi, a first-generation American, was raised in a household of two hardworking Nigerian parents. While they did their best to provide for the family, they still struggled financially. Because of this, Folabi was no stranger to the hardships life can throw at you. Instead of succumbing to the disadvantageous circumstances he was born into, he decided to push forward to carve a new future for his family.

Folabi’s first step was to get an after-school job at a restaurant at just 15 years old. He later decided to pursue higher education, taking on 3 jobs to pay his tuition. These formative years taught Folabi that no matter what hardships you’re strapped with, you need to pick yourself up and work towards the top.

While Folabi was faced with many challenges throughout his life, he was also aware of the privileges he had as an American citizen with his basic needs met each day. When on a trip back to his mother’s village in Nigeria,  he witnessed citizens without school supplies, desks, or even enough clean water. This inspired him to focus on providing those in need with a better present and brighter future.

Along with his cousin, Folabi co-founded his non-profit called GENERATIONS Nigeria. This organization works tirelessly to provide supplies and various necessities for impoverished people in Nigeria. Folabi and his cousin work closely with food banks, sports clubs, influencers, and everyday American citizens to raise funds and awareness to help young Nigerians get access to all the basic supplies.

Some of the projects GENERATIONS Nigeria has accomplished include building a soccer field for children, providing them backpacks, soccer balls, and cleats, and providing clothing and food for more than 1,000 people in the area. Because of the incredible influence Folabi has had on his mother’s hometown, he was named one of the most influential men in the valley. This great honor just goes to show what an immense difference he has made in the lives of so many.

Folabi has realized that there are people whom he can lend a hand to and even though he has achieved incredible heights of success he is still able to look out for the people who need his help. Folabi truly believes that even though you might be coming from a place of lesser privilege, you should not let that bring you down. This successful entrepreneur and philanthropist believes the only thing that truly matters is the amount of effort and passion you have and how you’re willing to move forward with it.

The future looks bright for this young and innovative millennial. Folabi wants to continue his charitable work and build schools in Nigeria and around the world. With this pace and hard work, Folabi will be speaking on global stages in no time, as an inspiration to all of us.



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