A prodigy to watch: Art Angel Bulgaria

A prodigy to watch: Art Angel Bulgaria


He is a pioneer, albeit a romantic pioneer in innovative business practices. Iliyan Kuzmanov will push your boundaries, he is the catalyst that will make you evaluate what you are being told about social business.

As an investigative journalist Iliyan Kuzmanov, author of the bestselling book “If You Meet Buddha Kill Him”, has seen the abuse of power, the use of power, human rights, and the absence of human dignity and freedom. An authentic journalist to the core, he is using his writing to influence society for the better. This journalistic skill combined with the skills of an entrepreneur and activist, has propelled Kuzmanov to centre stage. All profit of the book is going to save the world ocean, by creating sustainable coffee roasteries in Thailand together with local green NGO.


His social venture Ezo, was named best in London and focusses helping people with business. This social network bridges cultural and societal gaps and reaches all the way to Bulgaria, the birthplace of Kuzmanov, and a community filled by domestic violence, with the goal to instigate change in society. Bulgarian project of Iliyan is called Art Angel, and the focus is to set up productions inside the prison system. Iliyan is MENSA member, with extremely high IQ, merging the intellect with passion. Obsession for society and passion in business, this is what will effect true change. This project uses Arts and Culture to effect social change, and adjust the norm, especially in Bulgaria and other countries where domestic violence is hidden from the eyes of others. Art Angel International C.I.C is making it possible for victims of these situations to rise above what is expected and make their voices heard. But the most important is the idea for micro crediting of the victims of domestic violence, giving them opportunity to do “the most liberating thing, business”, according to Iliyan, and being able to be part of self help business network.


Spiritual person, vegan, entrepreneur, and activist, Iliyan Kuzmanov has achieved so much already, even with his bright dream.

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