NPOC Launches Webinar Series “DNS Operational Concerns”

What is it about? An introduction to DNS operational concerns conducted as a series of seven webinars, to be held weekly from February 3 until April 7, 2021 (note: 2 week hiatus for ICANN70). Links here.


ICANN staff presenters: Brian Gutterman, Patrick Jones, Adam Peake (other subject matter experts may participate as necessary).


The series webinars is mainly for NPOC membership, but not only, and aims to help newcomers or established members gain a better understanding of the DNS and how to responsibly and securely manage domain names, i.e. DNS Operational Concerns.  A certificate will be issued on completion of all 7 webinars.


NPOC Webinar Series Outline

February 3 to start a series of 7 webinars, 14:00 UTC (Each session will be 1 hour, 40-45 minutes presentation, 15 minutes Q&A. )


·         NPOC webinar 1, 3 February

·         NPOC webinar 2, 10 February

·         NPOC webinar 3, 17 February

·         NPOC webinar 4, 24 February

·         NPOC webinar 5, 3 March

·         ICANN70 Prep Week 8-11 March

·         ICANN70 Meeting 22-25 March

·         NPOC webinar 6, 31 March

·         NPOC webinar 7, 7 April


Subjects by webinar and date

Webinars 1 & 2.  Feb 3 and Feb 10.  14:00 UTC

·         Introduction to the webinar series, what we’re going to discuss.

·         Introduction to ICANN, what we do.

·         ICANN multistakeholder model.

·         ICANN Registrant program, introduction.

·         How the DNS works.

·         Introduction to registries and registrars, what they do from name registration to DNS resolution.

·         Introduction to ICANN GNSO Policy Development Process (PDP), “consensus policies” and contracts.


Webinars 3, 4 & 5 (5.5).  Feb 17, Feb 24 and March 3. 14:00 UTC


·         Registrant Rights and Responsibilities.

·         Registering a domain name.

·         Maintaining/managing and renewing domain names.

·         Rights protection mechanisms, UDRP/URS.

·         Review of relevant consensus and other policies that impact registrants (WDRP, Transfer Policy, ERRP, etc.).

·         Protecting and securing a domain names (passwords, authentication, lock).


Webinars (6 & 7).  March 31 and April 7. 14:00 UTC


·         Good domain name security management, projects, and campaigns, HTTPS.

·         Introduction to DNSSEC, what it protects against and how.

·         DNSSEC implementation, NPOC promotion of DNSSEC implementation to NGOs.

·         DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS) and DoT (DNS-over-TLS).

·         Review and wrap-up.

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