NPOC EC Meeting Notes – 19th of January 2021


NPOC EC:  Caleb Ogundele, Emmanuel Vitus, Ioana Stupariu, Oreoluwa Lesi, Raoul Plommer |

ICANN org:  Brenda Brewer


  • Charter for the NPOC NGO
  • Charter for NPOC
  • Policy update from PC Chair
  • Upcoming webinars
  • AOB


Raoul has updated the EC members on the needs to draft the POC NGO Charter. He invited the EC members to take examples from constituencies that have set up an international NGO to push their projects. He gave the example of the business constituency. According to him, all the commercial constituencies have their own NGO and the comparison with other constituencies will help us design our charter for the NPOC NGO. To be able to set up the NGO, the NPOC will need a resident in Estonia to open a bank account. But once it’s open. The EC can change the signatories, Raoul said.

Iona Stupariu has raised a red flag on the urgency and necessity of having an NGO looking at the responsibility that people already have. Ioana also raised the flag on the legal implications and the formalities of setting up an NGO and dissolving it and changing members every year.

Oreoluwa Lesi has explained the work that was done in the past two years regarding the NGO project and explained in few points the advantages of having an international NGO for NPOC. However, she proposed that the EC should work on the pros and cons and submit the project to the NPOC community.

Action Item:

The EC members are tasked to work on the Pros and Cons of having an NGO in Estonia and submit the findings to the wider NPOC community for a decision within a month.


The EC members have agreed to continue and complete the review of the NPOC charter. The charter was shared by Raoul.

Action Item:

The Charter review Call will be scheduled after the EC member complete a poll to choose the date.


The policy chair did not attend the meeting. The Item will be discussing during the next EC meeting.


The EC members have agreed to start the webinar series from February 3, 2020, and then every Wednesday at 2PM UTC.

Action Item:

The webinar dates and agenda will be shared with community members.