PREMIERE: Chris Sloan Releases New Single “Where Do I Stand”

Born and raised in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Sloan and his family moved to San Luis Obispo California when he was 18. With no social circle to speak of, he poured his energy – and all his spare time – into learning guitar and practicing singing. Fast foprward a few years, and he was fronting his new band Supercem, touring the west coast, and performing alongside Sugarcult.

Soon, the draw of family life proved irresistible, and Sloan put his music career on the back burner. He relocated to Seattle, WA, and continued to writing music when he could. Then, the life Sloan had built for himself began to crumble. Navigating a painful breakup of his marriage and eventual divorce, Sloan poured himself into songwriting. When COVID shut venues and practice spaces down, Sloan decided it was time to record his own record.

Today we are pleased to join forces with Sloan for the release of his new single “Where Do I Stand”, a track that paints melodic vignettes with a deft economy of language. His soaring, whisky-tinged voice aches with a palpable yearning that perfectly echoes his poignant, deeply personal lyrics.

He comments ““Where Do I Stand” isn’t really your typical breakup song. “Where Do I Stand” is a beautifully written song about the confusion and swirling storm of emotions that come with a break-up. Will the relationship resume? Is the fracture permanent? Is time apart the saving factor that can mend the connection? “So tell me, where do I stand? Do you need space or my hand”? It’s about the dark and cold abyss of uncertainty. It’s about the push and pull that can happen when a relationship is still new and growing and two people are trying to figure it out and find their place. It’s also about caring enough for someone to let them go in order for them to be happy. However, letting go isn’t always easy to do when you still love them. It’s even harder watching them move on with someone else.”

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