Conan Center Celebrates 1,000+ Recipes

Conan 1000recipes 863

We’re delighted to thank the Conan community on reaching a major milestone, the public contribution of over 1,000 Conan recipes to Conan Center, the repository for hosting C/C++ packages!

Conan recipes are Python-language files that describe how a Conan package is consumed. Each recipe is used to produce hundreds of C/C++packages, so this is an achievement with huge community impact .

JFrog’s Conan team expresses this best in their post on the Conan blog:

Since its inception, Conan Center has grown a lot. Almost 400 contributors, 10,000 commits, 5,500 pull requests, and, most of all, an incredible community helping us every day to make it even bigger and better.

To congratulate the many contributors that have added their recipes to Conan Center, RSVP to the Conan Center team for a 1,000 Recipe Virtual Event, to be broadcast on YouTube!

Date: September 30, 2021
Time: 1:00 PM EDT / 17:00 UTC 
Duration: 60-90 minutes


Conan Center contributors will have a chance to win a Nintendo Switch. Make sure you are signed in to the Conan Slack channel to engage with our team and panelists during the event!

Congratulations to the Conan community on hitting this milestone!