South San Francisco woman found guilty of second-degree murder

REDWOOD CITY – A jury on Wednesday convicted a 32-year-old South San Francisco woman of stabbing her boyfriend to death in 2019, San Mateo County prosecutors said.

Victoria Soledad Garcia faces 15 years to life in prison when she is sentenced Nov. 30, said District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

“The verdict is true justice for what occurred in this case,” he said.

On the afternoon of Oct. 7, 2019, Garcia and her boyfriend, Christhian Alderete, got into a heated argument over a woman who contacted Alderete over Facebook, prosecutors said.

Garcia grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Alderete in the chest, severing an artery and striking a lung, prosecutors said. Alderete bled to death at the entrance of their home at a trailer park on El Camino Real.

Wagstaffe said the jury deliberated eight days before returning the second-degree murder verdict. For much of that time, the jury was split 10-2 on whether to convict.

“This was a very tough and close case,” Wagstaffe said.

“These 12 people finally arrived at the verdict after eight hard days of work,” he added. “We don’t see it that often. Sometimes juries throw up their hands and give up far in advance of that.”

The jury also convicted Garcia of witness dissuasion. Wagstaffe said Garcia told her then-11-year-old daughter to lie about what happened. The daughter ultimately testified at the trial.

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Author: Jason Green