Creator Sessions Slated to Release Performances with Tyler Hilton, Alt Bloom and SNT JMS

 Creator Sessions, the biweekly series presented by ConvertKit, the Creator Marketing platform, is preparing to release a number of intimate performances from a variety of talented musicians. The upcoming sessions will feature Alt Bloom on September 3rd, SNT JMS on September 17th, and Tyler Hilton on October 1st. Each of these sessions will offer an intimate look into the inner workings of these talented artists and the nuanced journeys that have forged their careers. 

Creator Sessions aims to inspire and educate creators, cultivate a creative community, and promote a wide array of talent. So far, their sessions have included artists like Mandy MooreLennon StellaBrittney Spencer, Curtis Harding, and Tiffany Day to name a few. The artist’s journey is at the center of the Creator Sessions brand– whether that’s Matt Kearney discussing how imperfect he is as he Googles his own song lyrics or Tenille Arts embracing vulnerability as she shares about playing “Call You Names” for her mother the first time. 

Authenticity through storytelling and intimate performances creates the framework for these sessions, offering insight and access to a community of creatives across the globe. ConvertKit invests in this project because they believe that by sharing the more intimate details from the creator journey they can inspire and encourage more creators to follow their passion and earn a living doing the work they love.

The forthcoming sessions will see more of those behind the scenes details of the creator journey.  Tyler Hilton discusses the pros and cons of being signed to a label and how the decision to remain an indie artist after years of being signed to Warner Bros. has impacted his music today. SNT JMS explains the importance of staying present and focused when confronted with fear and doubt, “…do the work and watch your doubt dissipate and your confidence elevate.” And Alt Bloom talks about how the great outdoors plays a large role in his creative process and even the origin of his name, “…most of my music videos, I think all of them have been shot outside–it’s something that brings me peace.” Each of these performances and intimate discussions offer musicians and songwriters support, visibility, and empathy from the individuals who understand them the most. 

ConvertKit understands that at the core of each creator is a goal to facilitate change, connect with others, and leave some kind of impact on the world. Because this platform is centered around enriching the world for those who dare to take the path less traveled, ConvertKit is donating to applicable organizations and charities chosen by the artists to add to the lasting imprint they want to leave on the world. 

For SNT JMS, that imprint is making sure inner-city children have the same access to the arts as their suburban counterparts by donating to Los Angeles County Arts Ed Collective. “My focus is on music being accessible to inner city kids, and this organization is a refuge for tomorrow’s promise. I swear I would not be who I am without the influence of music at an early age,” SNT JMS explains. 

Tyler Hilton also values enriching the minds and spirits of our youth, so much so that he created the nonprofit organization T.H. Books for Kids. “There’s so much imagination building and character self-identification that can show kids how big the world can be, how many corners there are, how many differences and similarities to themselves exist. If you can spark a kid to love to read, you’ve helped them take the first step in a thousand different directions,” Hilton says. 

And given his love of the outdoors, it’s no surprise that Alt Bloom finds solace in giving back to nature by supporting brands like Tentree, “They are a sustainable clothing brand that plants 10 trees per every item you purchase. Being an avid tree lover, I think that a company doing anything to take part in bringing them back is something I am proud to take part in,” he says. On behalf of that mission, ConvertKit will be donating to American Forests.

Keep an eye out for more session announcements in the coming months and be sure to check out more of the series on the Creator Sessions YouTube Channel. 

Upcoming Sessions:

Alt Bloom – September 3rd 

SNT JMS  – September 17th 

Tyler Hilton – October 1st

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