Podcast 375: Managing Kubernetes entirely in Git? Meet GitOps

In this episode, we chat with Paul Fremantle, VP of Product Engineering at Weaveworks, about managing Kubernetes entirely within Git. It’s GitOps! It’s a philosophy where you externalize your runtime configuration as a set of resources in a Git repository.

Show notes

Weaveworks helps DevOps folks manage their Kubernetes settings entirely 

Paul’s first computer was a Sinclair ZX-80, which had a clock speed of 3.25 MHz, 1 KB of static RAM ,and 4 KB of read-only memory. Pretty good for 1980. 

Weaveworks based their project on Flux, an open source engine. If you’re small and you want to use it, it’s free!

Before there was Kubernetes, Google created Borg, an internal cluster manager. It has yet to be assimilated by Kubernetes. 

Ben thinks that, if it gets too easy to manage Kubernetes clusters, we’ll be out of a job talking about the pain of cluster manages. 

Today’s lifeboat badge goes to Daniel Ribeiro for the answer to How can I run Go binary files?


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