Libertyville farm brings animals and people close together in 60th year of operation

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. — Lambs Farm in Libertyville has been around for 60 years and continues to bring animals and people close together all while helping adults with developmental disabilities.

“This is definitely my happy place,” animal keeper Katie Donnellman said.

Lambs Farm is a place where animals and people join forces for the common cause of serenity, holding classes, clubs and enrichment for adults with developmental disabilities.

“They go out there and fulfill whatever dreams they have and it’s very fulfilling,” resident manager Mashauna Echols said.

The non-profit organization trains them to live their best lives on and off the campus.

“We have participants that have been here, working here at the farmyard and they love what they do,” Donnellman said.

The farm offers puppies and kittens for adoption, as well has having cows, horses, birds and ducks throughout the campus.

Magnolia Café also offers breakfast on the weekends with lunch and early dinner offered Tuesday through Sunday.

Those visiting can shop, volunteer or donate at Lambs Farm.

Chicago News