NVIDIA GeForce Discrete Graphics Cards Outpaced AMD’s Radeon In Market Share During Q2 2021

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 & AMD Radeon RX 6000 GPU Price Fall Comes To A Halt, Availability Slightly Better

NVIDIA’s GeForce family has once again dominated and retained its discrete graphics card market share compared to AMD’s Radeon lineup. We recently covered the market share state for the GPU market and also reported on the AIB figures yesterday and in all reports, NVIDIA has outpaced the red team.

NVIDIA GeForce Outpaces AMD Radeon In Discrete Graphics Card & AIB Market Share Report For Q2 2021

In their report, JPR (Jon Peddie Research) states that the AIBs (Add-in-boards), worth $11.8 Billion, were shipped in Q2 2021. This marked an increase of 179% year over year & was primarily due to increased prices for consumer graphics cards because graphics cards were in huge demand and despite the market slowing down in terms of growth, the average retail prices were much higher, leading to a higher price share. So despite fewer units being shipped, everyone was able to profit from the GPU market share leading to a higher AIB market value.

As for AMD and NVIDIA specific market shares, NVIDIA GeForce discrete GPUs climbed to 83% ( versus 81% in Q1 2021) while AMD Radeon discrete GPUs declined to 17% (versus 19% in Q1 2021). As for the AIB market share which only includes graphics cards, NVIDIA’s share remained steady at 80% while AMD retained its 20% market share.

A breakdown of the current GPU market segment consisting of Intel, AMD, NVIDIA GPUs. (Image Source: 3DCenter)

3DCenter has posted a detailed breakdown of the share of the discrete GPUs from AMD & NVIDIA. NVIDIA’s GeForce Mobility GPUs led with a 43% market share and were followed by the AIB cards which grabbed a 40% market share hold. AMD’s Radeon AIB cards had a higher market share than the mobility segment, standing at 10% while the mobility chips only amounted to a 7% GPU share.

NVIDIA GeForce & AMD Radeon discrete graphics card market share progress through the years. (Image Source: 3DCenter)

You can also see the market share trend of NVIDIA’s desktop discrete graphics cards with GeForce RTX 30 series maintaining a steady position around the 80% mark while AMD’s Radeon RX 6000 has not been able to break past the 20% market share for a while. NVIDIA’s graphics cards have been generally available in much better stock than AMD’s Radeon GPUs but despite that, the supply isn’t enough to meet the demand.

Q2’20 Q1’21 Q2’21
AMD 20% 19% 17%
NVIDIA 80% 81% 83%
PC dGPU shipment market shares

NVIDIA has managed to allocate its resources to ramp up the production of Ampere GPUs featured in the GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards while AMD is having a tough time due to constraints on TSMC’s 7nm node which is being gobbled up by other products from AMD and competitors. It looks like the following quarters leading into 2022 would remain largely the same as hinted by NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang.

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