Introducing Search and Respond: Find and Remediate Messages with Ease

Introducing Search and Respond: Find and Remediate Messages with Ease

Finding messages and purging them within a few clicks is a top priority for many of our customers. We’re pleased to announce that our new Search and Respond feature, designed to solve for this use case, is now available. 

These search and respond capabilities are particularly helpful for security investigations and compliance purposes. For example, if an employee accidentally sent an sensitive message internally, if an employee is wondering where a message is, or in the rare situations when an attack or spam message is not blocked by security tools, Search and Respond will allow you to find the message and remediate it immediately.

How to Use Search and Respond

You can search by fields like sender, recipient, and subject, and then see a list of messages that were sent, as well as associated metadata, including the email location. Then, you can either click a message to view message bodies and headers, or directly remediate messages to the recoverable deleted items folder where employees cannot interact with them.

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Key Benefits of Search and Respond

Additional benefits to our customers include: 

  • Lightning fast search for the past 30 days: For recent messages received within the past 30 days, Abnormal offers Quick Search—a fast and reliable solution built using APIs and Abnormal infrastructure. Quick Search works in seconds and supports both Office 365 and Google Workspace tenants.
  • Full search for messages older than 30 days: For Office 365 customers interested in searching for older messages, Abnormal offers Full Search, which is built as an integration with Microsoft Content Search. You no longer need to write Powershell scripts for searches and purges! With Quick Search and Full Search, O365 customers get the best of both worlds in terms of search speeds and search history.
  • Robust security and privacy features: Searching your tenant for emails is sensitive, so Abnormal offers role-based access control and audit logging. Administrators can provision users with the ability to use Search and Respond and view message bodies. Once provisioned, Administrators can feel confident that the tool is being used appropriately by keeping tabs on the Activity Log, which keeps records of all searches and remediations. Abnormal retrieves message bodies in real-time via an API call for maximum privacy.
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Try Search and Respond Today

Your time as a security analyst is valuable. With Search and Respond, you can save time and increase visibility—making it easier than ever to ensure that your organization is protected. Search and Respond is now available to all customers within the Abnormal Security portal. Please reach out to your support representative with questions.

Curious about seeing how Search and Respond could work for you? Request a demo today.

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