District 203 teachers in Naperville rally for agreement with district

NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Teachers with District 203 in Naperville are rallying Sunday night to urge the district to reach a deal with their union.

The teachers head back to the bargaining table with the district Monday morning following a week of negotiations. School at District 203 began this past Thursday.

Compensation remains the most contentious issue between the two sides.

The union represents approximately 1,500 teachers in District 203, working with a mediator to make headway with the school district.

The union said this week an agreement has been reached regarding family leave. Following childbirth or adoption, employees will be able to take their full 12 weeks of FMLA leave and get paid the entire time using accumulated sick days.

The union is proposing for higher pay in their compensation package, arguing that more is being demanded of them in the classroom. The two sides have been without a contract since June 30.

Teachers are planning a walk-in at schools Monday morning at 7:15 a.m., hoping to continue negotiations to avoid a strike.

Chicago News