5 takeaways from Sunday’s NFL preseason games

Sunday’s NFL preseason slate included just two games. It started with the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants throwing their backups into the mix in what was a pretty ugly game. Then in Southern California, the San Francisco 49ers were able to take out the Los Angeles Chargers. It’s a game that saw Jimmy Garoppolo […]

Inside Atlanta’s largest park

Atlanta’s largest greenspace, the 280-acre Westside Park, is officially open. Formerly the Bellwood Quarry, the deep pit has been transformed into the 2.4-billion-gallon emergency reservoir that could provide water to the city for 30 days. The $44 million park is also a vital link on the Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail and is already drawing new […]

How to become a data scientist in 2021

You must have heard about such an occupation as a data scientist as it has become really trendy over the last few years. An average salary of a junior data scientist is $90,000 and such people are quite in demand today. Those facts make it worth discussing who a data scientist is and how to […]

TSMC Roadmap Lays Out Advanced CoWoS Packaging Technologies, Ready For Next-Gen Chiplet Architectures & HBM3 Memory

TSMC has laid out its advanced packaging technology roadmap and showcased its next-gen CoWoS solutions which are ready for next-gen chiplet architectures and memory solutions. TSMC Lays Out Its Advanced CoWoS Packaging Technology Roadmap, 2023 Design Ready For Chiplet & HBM3 Architectures The Taiwanese-based semiconductor giant has gained rapid progress in deploying advanced chip packaging […]