Nick Nittoli Releases New Music Video

Nick Nittoli, Hollywood Ca, is a songwriter/producer and an artist. The jack of all trades was originally a cast member of the Bravo Reality Series Platinum Hit with Jewel back in 2011. He then began writing and producing for acts like Bianca Ryan, Neon Hitch, Sam Bruno, Corey Feldman, & Snoop Dogg to name a few. He has since risen to the top of the music charts by solely doing his artist project which consists of various genres including metal, country, and hip hop. The 33 year old rapper is enjoying spending some time on the iTunes top 40 charts in multiple genres including metal, r & b, and hip hop. Wearing a multitude of hats, Nittoli also has taken his talents to the video-graphic side of things by producing and directing his own music videos including his latest one “Charlie Sheen”. This 808 driven hip hop song is a far long way off from his country music. Nittoli is heard hitting rap bars harder than Eminem on this song and electrifying his audience with lines like “crack cocaine ain’t got kids in such a rush since the late 80’s but the way I spit got people sweating now they up for days”. The music video resembles a look out of the 1970’s though, with a chandelier and heart shaped bed which Nittoli cant help from posing on. A lot of booty shaking fun is what we had watching this music video as Nick spits some hot fire on this melodic piano track. Proving he is one of the best up and coming rap acts of 2021, the song ranges from fast rap back to slow rap, with intelligent bars that make you think and sometimes laugh out loud. After signing to Warner Chappell in 2017 by longtime manager of producer Redone, Alan Melina, Nick has decided to put the songwriting and producing aside while he steps into the spotlight. Equipped with a new team, a publishing deal, and new fans, Nittoli will be the artist to look out for in the coming years. Be sure to checkout “Charlie Sheen” by Nick Nittoli in the link below!

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