That Zen driving game? Some people hate it: Roadshow

Q: I used to play a similar game every morning as your Zen Driver in the long, slow rush hour backup at the ramp to Highway 101 near the San Jose airport.

My goal was to keep a steady pace rather than stop-start-stop-start. So I let myself fall back until I could keep a slight, steady pressure on the gas and not have to touch the brake.

It didn’t always work, but it was fun when it did. I hope I didn’t annoy anybody.

Meredith Amyx, San Jose

A: Oh, some folks were very steamed over Zen Driving, whose practitioner Adam Nye claims he has gone 170 miles without braking on the freeway and coasts to red lights on city streets.

Q: What may be Zen Driving for Adam Nye could be a meltdown for someone else. I can’t think of anything more irritating than coming up behind someone who is coasting to a stop light! I think it’s very selfish of him to drive that way. People are aggravated enough these days for many reasons. He’s lucky he hasn’t been rear-ended.

Kathy Furtado, Hollister

A: And more critics roll in.

Q: Adam Nye he needs to realize he’s not the only car on the road. Just about anyone can drive without hitting the brakes if they have no regard for other vehicles around them.

To drive as slow as needed to make sure the next light is green means anyone behind him may be missing lights.

Gene del Pilar,San Jose

A: And …

Q: Traffic on Interstate 280 between the Stanford Dish and Magdalena was very “slow and go,” with only occasional very short “stops.” For the only time in my life, I decided to see if I could make the 5 miles (it took over 15 minutes) without touching my brakes “as a game.” With great satisfaction, I did manage to do it in the left lane.

John Stahler, Mountain View

A: But …

Q: Regarding Zen Driving, I do the same for city driving where I coast to a red light so I don’t have to brake. The problem is that it ticks a lot of people off.

I do think that’s the better way to drive, instead of racing to the light and slamming on brakes. It makes no sense to me why people accelerate to a clearly red light. Can someone explain?

Aaron Johnson, Sunnyvale

A: I often find it amusing  to see drivers racing ahead to beat a red light, then find them waiting at the next red signal as Mrs. Roadshow and I pull up.

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Author: Gary Richards