AORUS Introduces AORUS P1200W 80+ Platinum Power Supply With Customizable LCD Monitor

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AORUS has introduced the AORUS P1200W 80+ Platinum power supply featuring an LCD display that can show the current power consumption or custom videos, allowing for even more customization of your PC. In addition to its LCD display, this power supply has a fully modular design and flat black cables allowing builders to reduce the clutter inside the case and improve the airflow.

The AORUS P1200W 80+ Platinum Power supply has a large LCD display, ideal for showing off custom videos or images

This power supply design is a minimalistic black color scheme, which accentuates the LCD display located on a single side. This display allows for much more customization of your PC. You can easily display the power consumption wattage, current, temperature, and various other power supply values, making it perfect for builders that like to overclock. Although, it can also display custom text, images, GIFs, and videos, ideal for showing off through a tempered glass side panel.

The AORUS P1200W 80+ Platinum Power supply utilizes a fully modular design, allowing builders to keep the cable clutter down and potentially improve the chassis’s thermal performance. It comes with flat black cables, which include SATA cables and Floppy cables. This fully modular design is paired with its compact size of 160 mm x 150 mm x 86 mm, allowing it to be easily utilized in mATX cases and some Mini-ITX PC cases. The main features listed for the PSU include:

  • Digital LCD monitor
  • 80 PLUS Platinum certified
  • Fully modular design
  • 100% Japanese capacitors
  • Compact size design
  • 140mm smart double ball-bearing fan
  • Fan dust removal function
  • Single +12V rail
  • OVP/OPP/SCP/UVP/OCP/OTP protection
  • 10 years warranty (Adjusted according to different regions)

Its 80 PLUS Platinum certification ensures that even during max workloads, this power supply will still offer 89% efficiency, and during lighter workloads, it can offer up to 92% efficiency.

This power supply utilizes a 140 mm smart double ball-bearing fan, stopping when the system is idle or under a low load of less than 20%, ensuring a much quieter performance and a longer lifespan for the PSU. Another unique feature of this power supply is the Fan Dust removal function, which has the fan rotate at high speeds in reverse to shake off some of the dust that may have accumulated on the blades and the inside of the power supply, this can be executed manually, or it will execute automatically when you turn on your PC.

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