WGN Anchor Dan Ponce had nest of nearly 20,000 bees in his walls. Here’s what he did.

CHICAGO — WGN Morning News Anchor Dan Ponce had a hive containing thousands of bees in the roof of his home. After doing some research, he contacted the experts to get the job properly done.

Dan shared his step-by-step journey in hopes to help anyone who ever encounters the same problem.

You should never try and exterminate or get rid of the bees on your own — and although pricey, you should always contact a specialist.

He said he contacted the folks over at City Bee Savers, who found 15,000 to 20,000 bees in the roof of his home. The expert believed the bees were living within the walls for about five weeks.

After nearly a seven-hour process, the bees were safely removed from the walls and placed into cannisters. The bees are then relocated into new hives.

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